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Michigan Education Performance Report


The Michigan Department of Education has developed this Michigan Education Performance Report to provide accurate, up-to-date information on Michigan’s public educational entities (i.e.,ISD, District and School) working with the Center for Educational Performance and Information and the University of Arkansas NORMES office. Contained within this site are summary, achievement, and other informational data about the state’s public educational entities.

Several options exist for navigating to entities or searching for entities. By selecting the level of entity you wish to find on either the top or left hand menu, you can begin to navigate to individual entities. Choosing the advanced compare option, you can search for schools meeting certain criteria or schools with similar characteristics.

Nearly every page or report on the site is available as a downloadable spreadsheet and available to be printed directly from the browser.


Recent data additions and updates

Data description

Cycle Date added
Elementary MEAP Results 2008/2009 10/09/2009
Enrollments 2007/2008 10/08/2009
ELPA Results 2005/2006 03/28/2008
Graduation/Drop Out Rates 2007/2008 10/08/2009
MI-Access Results 2008/2009 10/09/2009
MME Results 2008/2009 10/09/2009